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I love when cats decide they love something.

That is a very patient bunny.

 Or very uncomfortable. I’m sick of “cute” videos of a predator not harming but really stressing out prey species & because people are less familiar with their body language they just read it as “well they’re not thrashing or squealing, they must be okay!”. When rabbits are scared or unsure they will hunch up, try to stay as still as possible & allow tuck their head onto the ground trying to be as unnoticeable as possible until the danger passes. He is letting himself be pushed around because he is hoping the cat will grow bored of him & leave him alone so he can go somewhere more comfortable, this is typical nervous rabbit behaviour when they are too close to the source of threat to “make an escape”. My nervous rescue Belgian Hare does this every time my dad tries to pet him because he unintentionally comes across as loud & threatening, even though he would never hurt Juniper. 

Please, learn how to make all your pets feel safe & happy & don’t force them together for the sake of “happy families”. Predators & prey species can cohabit spaces in some cases but make sure your prey species feel safe & be aware of the behaviours they wold show if they feel threatened so you can separate them if you need to. 

(Source: faunasworld-moved)

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